Posted on: September 26, 2009 3:05 pm


11-5 for week 2 brings me to 25-7 for the season so far.  Chicago didn't so much surprise me as Pittsburg did.  They we really missing Palumalu out there.  Romo's 3 INT meltdown cost the Cowboys there home opener.  I am actually glad I was wrong on the Bengals Packers game, gives Denver's 2-0 record a little more credibility.  Tennessee is looking at 0-2, Houston did surprise me.  And the Raiders squeeked by the Chiefs in an ugly win.

Titans @ Jets - This is a must win game for the Titans, less they fall to 0-3.  The Jets defense looks real good and Sanchez is holding his own.  Everyone said that Belicek would unravel the rookie, but it was Rex Ryan who put the hurting on Tom Brady last week.  I like the Jets.

Giants @ Buccaneers - Tampa continues to struggle while the Giants lost Justin Tuck for a few weeks. I still think the Tampa Bay offense has no answers and their defense is a shell of it's former greatness.   Ginats win on the road.

Packers @ Rams - Easy road win for Green Bay, definately start Green Bay receivers and Aaron Rodgers in Fantasy this week as he should have a big game against the Rams terrible secondary.  Packers roll on the road.

Chiefs @ Eagles - Eagles will bounce back from a good thumping by the Saints and their defense will shred the Chiefs, who may not have Bowe and are really msiing Tony Gonzales right now.  Eagles win at home.

Falcons @ Patriots - Speaking of Tony Gonzales, he gives Matt Ryan another weapon and Michael Turner should give a balanced offensive attack.  Can the Falcons defense do the same thing Buffalo and the Jets have done?  Put pressure on Brady and throw off that prolific passing game?  New England should rally at home and I see Belicek making an offensive adjustment and rushing the ball more and changing the offensive play calling to get the ball out of brady's hands quicker.  Only problem with all that is Welker, Moss and Slater are all questionable.  The Patriots wide receiver corp is severely banged up, and if they play, how effective will they be?  New England will fall to 0-3.  Falcons win in Gillette. 

49ers @ Vikings - Vikings run defense is pretty good.  I think they neutralize Frank Gore and the 49ers rushing atack and I don't think they can get it done in the air.  Adrian Peterson says his back is ok and he should play.  Good test for Favre against a pretty decent San Francisco secondary.  I think Minnesota's defense is the deciding factor in this game and the offense is just good enough to get the win.  Vikings at Home.

Jaguars @ Texans - OK, I'll give Kubiak some credit, and a break.  Looks like they just struggled out of the gate in week 1, but they have some momentum coming out of week 2 and are playing at home against an anemic Jacksonville offense. Houston at home.

Redskins @ Lions - Redskins are struggling to get any continuity on offense.  They squeeked by a really bad Rams team last week.  I think Detroit will have a good game but tehir run defense is awful adn Clinton Portis should have a good game.  Redskins on the road, Lions remain winless.

Browns @ Ravens - Cleveland is really struggling to find an identity and they have a bit of a discilpline problem reported in the locker room this week.  Mangini thinks they are fine and "really starting to come together".  Maybe in the locker room they have resolved their differences, but they have a long way to go on the field.  Ravens at home.

Bears @ Seahawks - Hasselbeck is doubtful for week 3 and as much as it pains me, Cutler bounced back last week and had a good game.  Bears on the road.

Saints @ Bills - Is anyone going to be able to stop Drew Brees?  Bills are playing decent defense so far, but Pierre Thomas will be in the backfield this week and with the threat of him carrying the ball, it just opens up the passing game for the Saints.  Saints go into Buffalo and go 3-0.

Dolphins @ Chargers - Miami really had success last year against San Diego with the wildcat offense.  I don't think they will have as much success this time and San Diego is able to move the ball on the ground and in the air pretty effectively.  Dolphins defense not quite as good as last year and they will have a tough time containing the Chargers.  I like San Diego at home.

Broncos @ Raiders - JaMarcus Russell is just not the answer at QB for Oakland.  Broncos defense is playing well and they attack the ball and will put pressure on Russell.  Raiders will make crucial mistakes and penalties as usual and Orton just needs to make good decisions with the ball.  Denver goes to 3-0 and keeps 1st place in the AFC West.

Steelers @ Bengals - I think Puttsburgh is nowhere near the same team right now.  They are really strugging on pass defense over the middle without Troy Palumalu.  Bengals showed they can get that offense rolling and I think they win at home. 

Colts @ Cardinals - Really torn on this one.  Cardinals played well but lost a tough game to San Francisco last week.  Colts barely pulled of a win last Monday night and are playing on a short week.  I think injuries are the difference here.  Bob Sanders and Anthony Gonzlaes are out and Dwight Freeny is questionable.  Cardinals at home. 

Panthers @ Cowboys - If Romo can get it together, the Cowboys will get their first home victory.  Jake Delhomme however has had a rocky start to his 2009 season.   This could go either way. Whichever quarterback plays better will prevail, the defenses are about evenly matched.  I like the Cowboys at home.

As usual if you don't like my picks or lose your family firtune or your babies momma's grocery money betting on the games, don't blame me.  Petition your coach or GM to do a beeter job in next years draft and free agency. 

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