Posted on: October 3, 2009 1:09 pm
Edited on: October 4, 2009 10:42 am


Week 3 was pretty good for me, I underestimated Brady and the Patriots,and everyone underestimated Fred Taylor. who was a big part of their success.  Just when I think Kubiak is getting the Texans going, their defense collapses again against a not very good Jaguars offense, but for MJD.  And the Lions surprised me.  I had originally picked them but changed my mind at athe last minute.  Should have gone with my gut.  Funny that in my pick'em league, I had New England, but in my blog, I picked the Falcons to win because of the injuries to the Patriots receiving corp. 

So I am 38-10, going into week 4.  I am torn on a few, but will try to pick'em as I see 'em.  As usual, I don't pick against the spread, and just pick straight up winners. 

Seattle  @ Indianapolis -Peyton Manning is playing with renewed fire and is tearing up defensive secondaries.  Seahawks are seriously outgunned here, Colts by a large margin.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland- The battle for Ohio is just not that interesting when it is this lopsided.  Palmer and the Bengals are on a roll right now and win easily on the road.

Baltimore @ New England- This is a tough call.  The Patriots played surprisingly well against the Falcons and Fred Taylor established enough of a running game to open up the passing game for Brady.  New Englands defense played better than I expected as well.  I almost like them to upset the Ravens, but they juts have a feeling they willlose this home game.
Detroit @ Chicago- I almost feel sorry for the Lions. They get their first win in a long time, and are going to get beat at home by the Bears.   Cutler is getting the passing game going.  Bears at home.
Oakland @  Houston- Raiders have problems.  Houston will bounce back after last weeks loss.  Texans win at home.
New York Giants @ Kansas City- This will be a beating that the Chiefs fans will want to quickly forget.  Giants roll right over the Chiefs easily.
Tennessee @ Jacksonville- Tennessee has to find a way to win this one or their playoff chances will start to quickly fade with the division quickly getting out of reach and the race for the AFC wild card will have some fierce competition this year.   The Jaguars pulled it together last week, but the Titans run defense will force the Jaguars to the air.  Titans win on the road.
Tampa Bay @ Washington- Quickly losing interest in either team this year.  But Jim Zorn might be introube if they lose another, and the Bucs are starting a QB I honestly never heard of before, in a hostile environment.  Redskins win at home.
New York Jets @ New Orleans- This will be an interesting matchup.  2 undefeated teams with one prolific offense against another tough defense.  This is a tough one to pick, but I think the Jets will lose their first game of the season at home.  The Saints defense is good enough to limit the Jets to maybe 14-17 points and  it wil not be enough to keep up with the aerial attack that Drew Brees has at his disposal.  Saints have the advantage at home.

Buffalo @ Miami- Bills get Marshaun Lynch back and strengthen their running attack.  The Dolphins are not playing well without Pennington and will lose this game.  Bills win on the road.

St. Louis @ San Francisco-  If not for a last second miracle pass from Brett Favre, the 49'ers would be 3-0 right now.  They easily beat the Rams, and maintain their division lead.  
Dallas @ Denver- The Cowboys come to town with a lot of media focus on Tony Romo and Wade Phillips, who might be in trouble if they lose another game.  People are calling Denver the worst 3-0 team in the league.  Then that must make the Cowboys the worst 2-1 team in the league, because  their 2 wins come against teams that are a combined 0-6.  The Cowboys running game is severely hampered and their defense is 17th aginst the run and 26th overall.  Not nearly enough to stop Denvers runnig game and the Denver Defense is playing really tough having only surrendered 16 points all season and 1 TD.  All Denver has to do is not turn the ball over and sustain a few drives and keep the Dallas Defense on the field at that high altitude.  Denver wins at home.
San Diego @ Pittsburgh- The Steelers are reeling a bit at 1-2 and they need Palumalu back real bad.  I think they regroup this week and find a way to contain the Chargers high octane offense and pull out a must needed win on the road.  Steelers win at home.
Green Bay @ Minnesota-  The media is drooling over this game like a pack of hungry dogs.  Packers want to win this one for a lot of reasons but I think they will have a tough time doing it.  Packers defense has just not been able to consistently stop the run or the pass effectively.  Vikings  win at home.

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